Cycling Memories

Read some of the stories of peoples fondest memories experienced on the Bicycle.

Cycling with the Penarth Boys

"My sister Geraldine was the eldest of six so she was the one who had a bike also my father had a bike for work which he used to lock up in the shed out the back garden,

There was only 13 months between me and my sister so we were realy close as teenagers .A couple of boys called for us one day from Grangetown, we lived in tresillian terrace and they wanted us to go for a ride to Penarth through the subway.

So I climbed through the shed window which was approx 3ft by 2ft, and I took the bike apart and handed it through the window to my sister. We re-assembled it and went to Penarth with the boys.

We had a lot of fun and when we got home we took the bike apart again and put it back in the shed .My father was none the wiser untill my younger sister opened her mouth and told my father I'd been on his bike. He said how did they get it out the shed?  When she could'nt tell him she got slapped for telling a lie! So we got away with it, she also had a slap off my sister and myself for trying to get us in trouble."

Mrs Jean Larkin - Cardiff

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